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Pregnant caribou airlifted away from hungry wolves in B.C.  Source:

Pregnant Caribou Airlifted Away From Hungry Wolves in BC

First Nation peoples and researchers seek to protect pregnant caribou from wolves in British Columbia, Canada. The program, now in its second year, sedates pregnant[Read More…]

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Cooking Seafood on the West Coast Trail

Cooking Seafood on the West Coast Trail

While the scenery is one of the major draws of the West Coast Trail, one of the landmarks that everyone makes sure to take in is the burger stand called Chez Monique’s. But while the burgers are definitely good, there is something better just up the trail, assuming you’re hiking South to North. At the Nitnat narrows ferry crossing, which is at kilometer 32 of the West Coast Trail, you can find fresh seafood on offering, along with a few side dishes and beer.

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