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Life flight and search and rescue personnel respond to two deaths near Maroon Lake, Colorado on Wednesday.

Two Campers Found Dead in Colorado: Possibly Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

A father and son were found dead in their tent at the popular outdoor destination of Maroon Lake, Colorado on Wednesday morning. The Pitkin County[Read More…]

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Three Times the Fuel?

Three Times the Fuel?

If you’re not blocking the wind, the wind is robbing you. It’s robbing you of fuel and time. You’re going to be burning more fuel, yes the fuel that you carried ounce by precious ounce on your aching back, and here you are just throwing it down the drain, yes, that fuel. And time: You could be done by now but on this windy night your pot hasn’t even begun to boil. Say, you weren’t hungry were you? Oops.

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