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How To Start A Fire In The Rain

How To Start A Fire In The Rain

Gasping for air, you break the surface and glimpse your capsized canoe disappearing around the river bend. Dragging yourself out of the icy water and[Read More…]

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Photo by Vincent Lock

Five Essentials for Fall Camping

The leaves are changing, the temperatures are dropping and you are beginning to realize you aren’t ready to call it quits with camping quite yet.[Read More…]

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Snowshoe and Build a Fire

Snowshoe and Build a Fire

One of my family’s favorite activities is snowshoeing and along with that comes building a fire in the snow. I will warn you this is less about the hows of building a fire and more about the whys. I’ve included a link at the bottom on fire craft techniques. Here are ten reasons why you should plan this for your next snowshoe trip:

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Gear Review:  The New MSR Whisperlite Universal

Gear Review: The New MSR Whisperlite Universal

Isn’t the Whisperlite already the most successful liquid fueled stove in modern history? And doesn’t MSR have not one but two versions already? Has MSR lost their collective mind? No, not really: There is something new under the sun, something very much worth having: the MSR Whisperlite Universal.

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Fire Foibles

Fire Foibles

There’s an infinite amount to teach about fire, so I’m just going to focus on a basic foundation that you will rarely find articulated…

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