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Best Camping Spots in Washington

In Washington, great places to camp are nearly endless. But it’s summertime, which means you’re going to want to make the most of every weekend.[Read More…]

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Balanced in the Night: Moab, Utah.  Photo by Matthew Torrie

Hitting the Road for Some Outdoor Photography Adventure

It is my theory that in every backpacker there is a frustrated outdoor photographer dreaming of hitting the road and back trails to capture that[Read More…]

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Magnum Silentium: An Outdoor Photographic Series by Yohan Terraza

Magnum Silentium: An Outdoor Photographic Series by Yohan Terraza

Editor’s Note – At Seattle Backpackers Magazine, we’re always interested in artists, industry leaders and athletes that are undertaking inspiring projects in the outdoors. In this piece,[Read More…]

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Enchantments Photos by Erika

Enchantments Photos by Erika

This week’s photographer spent some time chasing the fabled golden larches of the Enchantment Lakes area. Fall is a popular time to visit the area, but weather[Read More…]

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Shi Shi Beach Photos

Shi Shi Beach Photos

One of the most picturesque beach trips in our state is Shi Shi Beach and Point of the Arches. This Week Rakesh Malik showcases a few of his images from Shi Shi.

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