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Trip Report: Bench Lakes in the Sawtooth Mountains

Trip Report: Bench Lakes in the Sawtooth Mountains

The fog lay over the lake like a downy blanket as I laced up my boots and quietly threw a few essentials into a rucksack.[Read More…]

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Airborne beavers of Idaho parachute into the backcountry to start a new life.  Source:

Geronimo – Parachuting Beavers of Idaho

You may have heard of flying squirrels or even leaping lemurs, but parachuting beavers? New video footage from Idaho’s Department of Fish and Game shows[Read More…]

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Photo by Ted & Dani Percival

Salt Lake City’s Shoreline Trail

With the Wasatch Mountains looming just to the east of Salt Lake City, the hiking, biking and backpacking options are endless. For those who don’t have[Read More…]

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