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USAF 50 Summits Challenge – Honoring Those That Give So Much

USAF 50 Summits Challenge – Honoring Those That Give So Much

Forget the tiny man-made Space Needle.  When it comes to the Washington State icon, one that can be seen from well over 100 miles away,[Read More…]

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Arnold identified the objects as being slender and crescent shaped.  Later reports would coin the term flying saucer.  Photo Source

Pacific Northwest Fireside Story – Is Mount Rainier an Interstellar Outdoor Destination?

Scary fireside stories are as much of the outdoor experience as pitching your tent. The next time you are covered in the warm eerie glow[Read More…]

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A Mount Rainier storm is anticipated to cause significant damage at the park. Source:

Mount Rainier Storm Closes Park Early

Mount Rainer Superintendent Randy King announced in a press release Friday that the National Park was expecting severe weather over the weekend and that evacuations[Read More…]

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Eleanor Creek Trailhead

Mt. Rainier’s Northern Traverse

Standing high above the White River, I gazed up at the looming heights of the Willis Wall, a vast snow encrusted cliff of black rock[Read More…]

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The 5,300-year-old Tyrolean iceman was found in melting ice in the Alps in 1991. Source:

Melting Ice Reveals Lost Climbers

One side effect of the recent warming trend is that melting glacial ice is starting to reveal the bodies of climbers that have been lost[Read More…]

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Trip Report: Camp Muir, Mount Rainier

Trip Report: Camp Muir, Mount Rainier

Planning a trek up the Big One – Mount Rainier – gets my adrenaline pumping the minute I start packing my backpack. My husband and[Read More…]

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Pan Handle Gap where the remains were found is normally covered in snow all year, but warmer temperatures have caused significant snow loss Source:

Hiker’s Remains Discovered on Wonderland Trail

Mount Rainier National Park officials said Tuesday that the human remains discovered on the Wonderland Trail Sunday are likely those of Edwin Birch, 64, from[Read More…]

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Catch the dramatic views and falls from the middle of the Boetzke Creek Trestle Bridge.  Photo by Sheri Goodwin.

Iron Horse Trail: A Trail Report with Three Secrets, Flaky Crust and Fruit Filling

Sometimes hiking in the Pacific Northwest is about pie… yes pie. In an effort to shake off the cobwebs of winter and get ready for[Read More…]

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Hike to the Tolmie Peak Lookout

Hike to the Tolmie Peak Lookout

The road to Mowich Lake in Mount Rainier National Park may still be closed for the winter, but the summer hiking season is coming on[Read More…]

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Washington Hikes for Visitors of All Abilities

Washington Hikes for Visitors of All Abilities

Fear not, we’ve created a list that will help you settle on a Washington hike that is just right for the wide range of visitors you’ve let move into your guest room.

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