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Balanced in the Night: Moab, Utah.  Photo by Matthew Torrie

Hitting the Road for Some Outdoor Photography Adventure

It is my theory that in every backpacker there is a frustrated outdoor photographer dreaming of hitting the road and back trails to capture that[Read More…]

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Snowstorm on Colorado's Eagle River

Confluences: The Eagle River – A Photo-Essay by Steven DeWitt

Since moving to Eagle County, Colorado twelve years ago, we have always lived within a few yards of the Eagle River or one of its[Read More…]

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November Images by Erika

November Images by Erika

This week we take you to the other side of the globe for a little planning inspiration. Visit the Himalayas for a set of sunrises.[Read More…]

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Textures on the Trail by Stephen Matera

Textures on the Trail by Stephen Matera

Sometimes we are given new eyes with which to see our world. This week Stephen Matera shares theses black and white images, revealing for us the amazing textures that occur in nature. When given another lens through which to look, we are allowed to see things we would otherwise miss. Stephen is a professional photographer in the outdoor indsutry. Thanks for sharing your amazing images, Stephen!

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October Visual Inspiration by Orion

October Visual Inspiration by Orion

This week’s photos take a more in-depth look at a specific corner of our gorgeous state. Orion Ahrensfeld reflects on a few of his favorite places in the North Cascades.

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