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Balanced in the Night: Moab, Utah.  Photo by Matthew Torrie

Hitting the Road for Some Outdoor Photography Adventure

It is my theory that in every backpacker there is a frustrated outdoor photographer dreaming of hitting the road and back trails to capture that[Read More…]

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Edge of the Milky Way - Colorado

Night Sky Photography

Recently, I’ve been shooting at night to create unique images for my conservation photography project. My evening excursions have reminded me that pursuing night sky[Read More…]

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Liberty Bell from the Washington Pass Overlook

Shooting the Milky Way

One of the biggest challenges in getting good shots of the Milky Way is simply getting far enough away from the ambient light of “civilization.” Once[Read More…]

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Night Photography on the Trail

Night Photography on the Trail

For star trails, I will typically make an initial exposure with a wide open aperture and a high ISO (making the shutter speed rather fast- around 30 seconds). This image just helps me to see if the sky is dark or blown out.

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