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Hike to Harry’s Ridge

Hike to Harry’s Ridge

Is it the Alaskan tundra? The high moors of Scotland? No, it’s the desolate high country of Mt. St. Helens— seemingly barren from a distance, yet teeming[Read More…]

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Osprey Exos 48 Pack Review

Osprey Exos 48 Pack Review

With the new rendition of the Osprey Exos 48, Osprey must have been putting some serious investment into their Research and Development.  Out of the box,[Read More…]

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Asolo Shiraz GV Boot Review

Asolo Shiraz GV Boot Review

The Asolo Shiraz GV boot claims to be water-resistant. But storms, streams and damp undergrowth have taught me that waterproof usually just means waterproof-ish. And[Read More…]

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Hiking in Willapa National Wildlife Refuge

Hiking in Willapa National Wildlife Refuge

Mist rolls through the spreading limbs of the tall, silver Sitka Spruce trees that flank the verdant shores of a small creek, its tumbling waters[Read More…]

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La Sportiva Thunder III Hiking Boots Review

La Sportiva Thunder III Hiking Boots Review

For the past several months I’ve put a pair of La Sportiva Thunder III GTX hiking boots to the test on unseasonably snowy and wet[Read More…]

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Paca Pride's visitor center and main lodge.

Paca Pride Guest Ranch

Each year, hundreds of thousands of hikers, backpackers and tourists flock to Washington’s Mountain Loop to enjoy the area’s unique history and national attractions. While[Read More…]

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Bag in water. No water in bag.

ArcTeryx Alpha FL Pack Review

The Arc’Teryx Alpha FL pack may be the best small pack money can buy. Over several months and countless adventures, I have come to really like[Read More…]

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The Golden Horn

The Land of the Golden Larches

Like the prospectors of old, I lust after gold. I leave everything behind in the endless hunt for “all that glitters”. But my treasure is[Read More…]

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Goat Rocks

Goat Rocks

As a rule, I hike a trail only once, but there are two exceptions: The Enchantments and a section of the PCT from Harts Pass[Read More…]

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Small, light, portable and durable.

Fugoo Tough Speaker Review

The Fugoo Tough Speaker is the top-of-the-line outdoor speaker and the price tag definitely reflects it. But this speaker is worth every penny if you[Read More…]

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