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Photo by Mt. Hood Territory

Top 8 Safety Tips for Winter Camping

Winter camping can be an incredible way to enjoy the wilderness year round – but there are inherent and hidden dangers. Adequate planning and preparation[Read More…]

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Photo by MIKI Yoshihito

Planning and Packing for Winter Backpacking

For those willing to brave cold temperatures, don multiple layers and take a few extra precautions, winter camping can be an incredible way to enjoy[Read More…]

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Winter Clothing Systems (Image courtesy of Alan English via Flickr)

Master the 4 Layer System for Staying Warm on Winter Backpacking Trips

Learning the art of creating an effective layering system for winter backpacking trips provides the needed flexibility to keep your body warm and dry during the range[Read More…]

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Search and Rescue in Winter Weather

Search and Rescue in Winter Weather

To sum up, ask yourself these questions before you leave: if there is an emergency, can I expect a positive outcome with the equipment provided? Second, can I spend the night without great risk? If the answer to both these questions is yes, then have a great trip!

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