Mastering the art and skill of traveling is not accomplished through practice or any talent you may have.  No school will give you a bachelor’s degree in not getting absolutely lost while backpacking through Ecuador, avoiding Montezuma’s revenge on your trek through Latin America, dodging angered Chinese guards as you trespass on the Great Wall of China, making friends on your cancelled flight as you get ready to sleep in an icy cold airport lobby in Japan, or being in the middle of the Peruvian Rainforest in a downpour of fireflies. Traveling is a way of life… a being, the awareness of things that most travelers overlook.

Art of TravelingBecause it’s unknown to the majority, the traveling way of life is almost impossible to convey to your friends back home through a single conversation or over a few pints of beer.  It’s more of a feeling. It’s the excitement you experience the night before a trip and not being able to get a full night’s rest.  The highs that comes with booking a one way ticket to a place you’ve never even heard of or knew existed.  It’s the little things in the art of travel that so often go unnoticed.  Seeing things that most see only in travel magazines or even seeing things that no one else has seen before.

I think back to my mundane safe life and say, “How did I get here?”  Then I remember all the things I’ve seen and done and all the friends I’ve made along my journeys.  The countries I have called home, the Oh Shit moments I have experienced and all the bugs I’ve eaten on accident along the way.  The art of travelings means having something to look forward to in the future and anticipating the adventures that may await. It is something that comes with the awe of what is in front of your eyes and knowing you will never forget it.  You know you have mastered the art of travel when you have become that person that you sought out to be… but better.  However long that process may take or where ever than process may bring you…

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