The Wolverine Sentinel is a full leather boot that is made in the USA. The Sentinel is durable, highly water resistant, comfortable and has a surprisingly sticky sole.  I beat it up during the testing period and it looks no worse for wear. From mountain rescue operations while carrying a full pack, to rock climbing adventures in the High Sierra, this mid to light hiker performed well above my expectations.

Wolverine Sentinel 1



  • When confronted with a creek crossing, I tend to plunge straight on through. I prefer this to balancing on small rocks and risking a twisted ankle (plus, it’s much more fun to go in). No matter how many creeks I crossed or how long I stood ankle deep in the water, my feet stayed dry. There is no doubt about it: the Sentinel is waterproof
  • The boot is extremely comfortable. With zero break-in time, my foot never developed a hot spot. The support and structure offered by the boot are on par with a mid to light hiker level boot
  • As someone with wide feet, I appreciate a company that offers widths in their footwear line. The comfort afforded by this feature is much appreciated after having crammed my feet into “normal” boots for so many years
  • I was quite surprised by the grippy soles; my feet hardly ever slipped. I felt as if I was wearing a pair of approach shoes instead of hiking boots
  • The boots are great looking (and smelling! The aroma that wafted from the shoe box as I opened it for the first time was of high quality leather)

Wolverine Sentinel 2



  • It was hard for me to get the boot off and on, even with the laces fully extended. If there was a bigger heel pull tab, this would remedy the problem
  • At $302, the boot is fairly expensive. However, you pay for what you get – a high quality, full leather, “Made in the USA” hiking boot


Is it too much money? The Sentinel by Wolverine is a comfortable, supportive and high-quality boot. Also, before buying do note that Wolverine shoes tend to run about a size too big. Consistently, all of our testers have had to drop down a full size from their normal size to achieve a comfortable fit. If you are in the market for a new pair of mid to light hikers these are a great pair to consider.


Manufacturer: Wolverine

Date available: Currently Available

Manufacturer’s Website: Wolverine Sentinel

MSRP: $302

Actual Weight: (size 8.0)

Materials: Waterproof BackBay leather upper, Vibram Bifida rubber soles

Warranty info: “We produce the world’s most comfortable boots and shoes. Guaranteed. Try a pair of Wolverine boots for 30 days. If you are not completely satisfied that they are the most comfortable boots or shoes you’ve ever worn, return them for a full refund… We are unable to perform repairs and can only replace for current styles. Items with excessive wear and tear, material breakdown from extended time and/or use, or improper care will not be considered for a warranty.”

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