The Ti-Mini Solo by Snow Peak is an ultra-light backpacker’s dream come true. It is the perfect size cook set for solo and two-person trips (although you may need to heat up two pots for two people, depending on your dining menu). The set is durable, light, and made from quality Grade A titanium.


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  • This cook set is amazingly light! At a mere 5.5 ounces, you definitely will not notice this cooking set in your pack.
  • Compatible with the Caldera Cone cooking system
  • Measuring marks on the cup are very helpful when determining how much water you need to boil to rehydrate your dinner. If you want to go even lighter, ditch the cup and shave off ounces.
  • The Ti-Mini Solo is durable. I dropped mine off of a cliff and listened to it bounce down the scree-covered hillside below. When I retrieved the cooking system, it was totally fine – not even a scratch.


  • The handles tended to get hot while waiting for water to boil. Make sure you’re wearing gloves or using your beanie (or similar insulating item) when taking the pot off your stove.
  • At $65.95 this is not a cheap cook set, but when you consider that it is made of titanium and how lightweight it is, the price makes sense.
  • The pot lid does not fully sit on top of the cup – the lip on the cup is not as pronounced as the lip on the pot. This causes the lid to not “seal” as well on top of the cup.

If you are in the market for an ultra-light cookset for solo and two-person trips, the Snow Peak Ti-Mini Solo is a great option. I have now retired all of my other solo cooksets and use this one exclusively for my backpacking trips. Even when I bring other larger cooksets I still use the Ti-Mini Solo as a mug. It’s a great addition to my kit and I have become quite fond of it in fact.


Manufacturer: Snow Peak

Date available: Currently Available

MSRP: $65.95

Listed Weight: 5.5 ounces

Dimensions: Pot: 28 fl oz, Cup: 10 fl oz

Materials: Titanium

Warranty info: If you ever find that one of our products doesn’t function properly, simply contact Snow Peak User Services, or take it to one of our certified dealers. If we find that the product didn’t live up to our standards, we’ll repair it or exchange it free of charge. In other cases, we’ll  provide the necessary repairs for a reasonable fee.

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