We outdoorsy types dedicate all manner of thought and sizable portions of paychecks toward gear and gadgetry. Out of all that gear perhaps the most important piece of equipment are what you put on your feet. Nothing will ruin a trip like a pair of ill-fitting, poorly designed boots. The good people over at Treksta set out ensure your comfort on the trail with the new ADT 201‘s.

Treksta ADT 201-closeup

I got my hot little hands on a pair of ADT 201’s and first took them for a spin around town while walking my dog to test them out before committing to serious backcountry mileage. My first impression while trying them in an urban setting was that they felt like an athletic shoe, like a basketball or mid skate shoe. I was impressed given their robust look and feel, but kept thinking that leather hiking boots shouldn’t be this light, well-vented, and well….comfortable. I began rethinking my plan to wear them on my next trip backpacking. I worried about their ability to handle a rocky environment, grip in dirt and general performance in a more unforgiving landscape. After all, who would wear house slippers or the latest basketball shoes to summit their next peak?

After careful consideration, I decided to take the plunge have a little faith in Treksta and put the ADT 201’s into a trial by fire. The fire being a week long backpacking trek into the Sierras reaching elevations exceeding 10,000 feet. Normally, I select more ridged, heavier boots. I’ve been lightening my pack weight lately, so it only makes sense to lighten the footwear some. I by no means am an ‘ultra lighter’, my pack is sub 20 lbs prior to adding food and water.

Treksta ADT 201-campsite

Once on the trail I immediately noticed I felt lighter on my feet, more nimble if you will. On the dry, crumbly trails of the mighty Sierras, they provided an amount of grip only rivaled by cloven-hoofed locals. In my years on this planet, through sports and physical activities I’ve injured my ankles quite a bit. As a result I am susceptible to rolling my ankles. Because of this I generally seek out boots that are more ridged, the popular theory that they offer more ankle support. To my welcomed surprise, the Treksta ADT 201’s felt every bit as supportive as my heavier boots; a feat nothing short of a miracle (pun intended).

There’s another feature I must mention. They are very breathable. That might seem like a trivial thing to mention. Generally speaking, I keep away from Gore-tex or similar water proof/resistant boots such as the ADT 201’s: They never breathe well, and my feet over heat and end up soaked in sweat in minutes. As most of you know, wet feet are the beginning of many a terrible malady. Somehow, Treksta once again defied conventional logic and made a Gore-tex boot that was extremely breathable. For the first time ever, after a long day backpacking I reached my campsite and didn’t feel like I needed to immediately change my socks and put on camp shoes.

In other words, Treksta made a boot that I thought couldn’t even exist. A dream boot with a combination of fantastic attributes I didn’t know could come together. This boot is a worthy companion to just about any adventure.

  • Date Available: Now
  • Listed Weight: 18.6 oz/530 grams
  • Materials: Leather, Gore-Tex, Nubuck, Rubber
  • Size Tested: 10 Mens



Treksta ADT 201








Moisture control



  • Water resistant
  • Breathable
  • Comfortable
  • Flexible
  • Lightweight


  • Unavailable in Wide EE
  • Only one color scheme

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