My feet are happy and dry! I’ve just been out on one of the wettest hiking days of the season, and my feet are comfortable.  Vasque has an intricate line of outdoor footwear from deep freeze winter boots to casual multi-use shoes. I tested the Vasque Velocity 2.0 GTX trail runner and I have nothing but accolades for this shoe.

I am not a barefoot runner. My feet are tender and enjoy support on longer trails, so all the minimalist running shoes out there don’t work for me. Break-in time on this shoe was minimal (2-3 trail wearings) and comfort was great. The shoe uses a rugged, deep-tread hiking sole instead of a running sole, and this gave me confidence on rough terrain. Best of all, I tromped around in puddles and creeks but my feet stayed dry! Gore-Tex does its job here making my feet warm, dry and happy even after a full day hike in pouring rain.

It’s a great cross trainer, too. I took them out on city streets and they functioned almost as well as they did on the trails. They don’t have quite as much cushion in the sole as a regular running shoe would. The sole acts more like you would expect a hiking boot to, but it’s far lighter. The tread gripped wet, icy, muddy and mossy trails every time and even when I danced in puddles no water got inside. Some indoor surfaces were a little slick, but I have found this with several outdoor shoes.



The Vasque Velocity 2.0 GTX is solid enough for a full day hike or multi-day, but light enough for a trail run. Overall this is a great light hiker and trail running shoe for those of us who need a little more support than barefoot runners. It is available in both a Gore-Tex version and a breathable version (GTX denotes the Gore Tex version) for $30 less.


  • Dry feet even walking in a stream
  • Easy break in – no blisters even on tender feet
  • Warm even in thin socks
  • Solid support
  • Lightweight




  • While this is one of the lightest shoes in Vasque’s line, it is not a minimalist trail running shoe

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Technical Details

Manufacturer: Vasque

Date Available: Available Now

MSRP: $150 for Gore-Tex model, $120 for breathable model

Listed Weight: 12.3 oz (size 7)

Actual Weight: 13 oz per shoe in women’s size 9, even with mud still stuck in the sole.

Size/Model tested: Women’s size 9, Velocity 2.0 GTX

Colors Available: Red and purple with gray details. Men’s is gray and yellow


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