Washington Man Survives Second Bear Attack
Source: KOMO News

A man recently survived a bear attack near Joint Base Lewis-McChord about 45 minutes outside of Seattle.

The 300-pound bear charged him as he was running down a popular trail with his dog.

The man, who identified himself simply as “Bob,” fought the attacking bear with a 4 foot long tree branch. The bear charged and clawed him continuously coming from multiple directions.

Bob suffered from multiple attacks on his shoulders.

“He bit me on my head, my arms, my hand,” he told KOMO reporters.

The bear bit him over 40 times before the attack ended.

“He was definitely after my head. So I was trying to protect everything up here and I was holding onto that stick and that was about the only thing that saved me,” he said.

Ironically, this isn’t the first time that Bob has been attacked by a bear while running on that exact same trail with his dog.

According to ABC news, the first attack occurred in 2011 when a bear charged and mauled Bob.

Washington Man Survives Second Bear Attack
Source: KOMO News

“I just rolled up in a ball and stayed still,” he said.

Wildlife officials say that the chances of a person being attacked twice by a bear are very slim.

As for Bob, he told reporters that he loves that trail, but it’s time to stay off of it.

“I love it up there, but no. I’m just getting too old to fight ’em anymore.”

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