West Coast Outdoor Weather- 10-8-2015.  The weekend will bring some moderate precipitation to the Washington Cascades and Olympics. How much? Cumulative totals for Saturday and Sunday have up to 5.00 inches in water equivalent for parts of the Olympics and areas near Mt. Baker. After the dry summer, this is certainly needed.
Looking for dryer conditions? Well the extended forecast from Wednesday October 14 to Wednesday October 21 shows above normal temperatures and below normal precipitation for much of the Washington Cascades.
The weekend weather over the Sierra will bring dry conditions. However the extended gets a little tricky. A trough of low pressure (see below) is off the coast and has plenty of moisture. If this tracks towards the east and into California could bring some moderate precipitation and if it tracks towards the west than it will stay dry.  Too early to tell of the track moving forward. Stay tuned.
West Coast Outdoor Weather- 10-8-2015

About the author: Michael Fagin has been providing mountain forecasts for the Pacific Northwest since the mid 1980’s and is currently providing weather forecasts for many of the Seattle Mountaineers Climb and Scramble leaders.  Michael also provides weather forecasts for some government agencies on key weather events in the Puget Sound Region: wind storms, major rain events, and snow events.  Since 2003 Michael has been providing weather forecasts for Mt. Everest for many of the major expedition and for mountaineers climbing the major peaks around the world. Forecast are also provided  for outdoor events like weddings. Finally Michael and his associates are used as expert witnesses in legal proceedings that concern meteorological events..   Michael Fagin is lead forecaster for West Coast Weather LLC and its affiliate firms: Everest Weather, Alaska Mountain Weather and Washington Online Weather.

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