White Sierra Day To Day Capri

A skinny black pair of workout capri’s are an essential item in every woman’s closet regardless of her shape, size or what activities she enjoys.

With a retail price of just $35.00, the White Sierra Day to Day Capri is an affordable option for a workout capri.

I’ve been putting a pair of these capris to the test mostly at the gym, during yoga and around the house. But, I’ve also worn them while traveling, running errands around town, chasing my kids down our local trails and even as pajamas. I’ve worn these capris as leggings under a skirt on chilly days and as a stand-alone layer.

White Sierra Day To Day Capri

To me, the test of a true yoga-type pant is if the pant will retain its shape while being worn for several days without washing. In other words, I hate it when a pair of yoga pants starts to sag as the material stretches out over multiple wearings. For a non-compression capri, this product stood up well to my test.

White Sierra Day To Day CapriCompared to the other half-dozen yoga pants in my closet, this capri performed as well as other yoga pants in a similar price range, but this isn’t a perfect product.

The first thing that I noticed about these capris is that the fabric is quite sheer and the material is very lightweight. While their breathability is great on warmer days, the fabric of this product isn’t quite durable enough for me.

My biggest issue with this pair of capris, however, was how the low-rise waist band fit my body. While the capris fit perfectly when I was just walking in them, the minute that I’d sit down or move into a downward facing dog, the band would slide too far down. Another inch or two would add more coverage and make me more willing to wear them in public.

But, the capris do have a tiny pocket just the perfect size for an I.D. or hotel room key, which I do like, as well as nifty mesh panels behind the knees for extra ventilation.

Bottom Line:

These are a decent pair of capris for the price. If you’re looking for something that is functional without breaking the budget, I’d give them a try. Just make sure to wiggle around when you try them on to make sure they’ll fit your body as you move.

Tech Specs:

MSRP: $35.00

Breathable back knee mesh panels

Small internal coin pocket

Fitted leg

Inseam: 19”

White Sierra Day To Day Capri

White Sierra Day To Day Capri









  • Lightweight
  • Breathable
  • Small pocket included
  • Mesh panel behind the knees


  • Fabric is sheer
  • Waist band is too low

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