Why 3D Slot Games Are So Exciting

Out of all the recent developments in the online casino market it is the advance in 3D technology that has really captivated the imagination of gamblers worldwide. Online slots like those found at MegaReel, used to be inherently cartoon-like with 2D graphics that would bring to mind some of the oldest computer games available. All well and good if you are a seasoned slot gambler, but what about the new kids on the block used to the tremendous excitement that properly good graphics can bring?


Well that’s where 3D slots come in to play. Since their inception more and more young people are taking to the virtual reels, and it really is no surprise. A 3D slot is instantly exponentially more exciting than its 2D precursor, and the thematic content as well as bonus features is also vastly improved. Let’s take a further look at why 3D slots are so exciting.


You just cannot argue with 3D’s superiority to 2D in the realm of graphical content. The level up really does transform the whole online slot experience for the better. Suddenly these titles can compete with properly full-fledged computer games on the graphics front, ramping up the excitement considerably.


For instance take Blueprint Gaming’s TED themed slot machine. The 3D graphics on this are absolutely pristine, echoing the popular motion picture with minute detail. It’s a perfect example of why 3D slots are so exciting – they just look like the proper real deal. Another great example is Strolling Staxx Cubic Fruit from NetEnt: the Swedish developers transform the dated fruit machine concept into something modern and exciting. All it needed was an extra dimension!


3D technology also plays an instrumental role in making online slot themes a lot more interesting and exciting. The aforementioned TED title is a good example of how easily developers can replicate film in their online slots, often to rapturous excitement. Another online slot based off a motion picture is the amazing Under the Bed from Betsoft. Based on the Monsters Inc. franchise this title boasts some hilarious animations from the films, all in 3D.


Wicked Circus is a 3D slot that really succeeds in bringing its theme alive in such a way that was impossible before the advance in 3D technology. Brought to you by the world’s leaders in 3D slot titles Yggdrasil, this is a title that revolves around the crazy world of jesters and jokers. The graphics are so good they can be scary!

Bonus Features & Rounds

Another reason why 3D slots are so exciting is the added ability to incorporate some amazing bonus features and rounds, as well as altering the conventional online slot formula. Well of Wonders, for instance, from developers Thunderkicks operates without any of the traditional reels or rows. Instead the symbols float out of a magical well in alluring 3D, it makes this title all the more enchanting!

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