When SBM tests gear, we put it through its paces. We treat it in the field in real conditions with tough tests and a lengthy review process that we hope will bring the best and worst to light for every product. Occasionally we learn something long after a review is published. Our Wolverine Fulcrum Boot Reviewwas published almost a year ago. In that time one of the testers has changed his thoughts about his Fulcrum boots and we thought you’d like to know. 


Initially I was unhappy with the fit of my Fulcrum boots. I tried a couple of sizes but the boot didn’t fit my foot like I expected. After the initial evaluation period and slight disappointment with the uncomfortable feel of the boots I had an opportunity to discuss the problem directly with Wolverine at the Summer Trade Show. They encouraged me to get at least 200 miles on them for the break in period, so I put them back on and hit the trails with them again.

After putting about 250 miles on the wolverine boots they fit like a glove.  They are now broken in nicely and are my go-to shoe for fall, winter and probably spring hiking.  They are now comfortable enough to do 18 miles on rocky ground and convert  easily to fit snowshoes.  They’re also plenty waterproof for the task.

While I was initially turned off with the long break-in period, I have found that these are  great boots and well worth the longer break in period.  I would imagine this pair of boots will last me for many seasons if not decades to come.
Our original review published Feb 2012. 
Wolverine Fulcrum

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