The most experience-heightening change I ever made to my gear set was switching to a  good pair of athletic boxer briefs. Gone were the days of chaffed thighs and cotton-gathered. Here to stay were the days of smooth strides and dry nethers. I wore my first two pairs of spandex running shorts beneath my pants until the seams wore out and there were holes in inopportune places. My wife made me switch to a pair of Champion polyester-blend briefs, but I’ve been wearing those on every backcountry outing for four years. While they’ve held up well, I was excited to test the Merino wool WoolX X303 Daily Boxer Brief in hopes that I was about to make a new, intimate friend.

Out of the bag, the WoolX X303 Daily Boxer Briefs are beautiful. Boxers aren’t typically on public display, but the Cobalt blue Dailys I received to test are so shiny and luxurious, I wished I could show them off. The fabric is so soft and smooth, you feel like they ought to cost three times what they do.


Wearing the Dailys was a somewhat less luxurious experience. The fabric does feel as nice against the skin as it does to my hand, and they are as moisture wicking and odor eliminating as we expect Merino wool to be, but the pleasantness of wearing the briefs stops there.

The waistband is fine. It is comfortable, but WoolX advertises the Dailys as having a “non-rub interior label.” This is not true. There is a tag in the waistband of the Dailys that is immediately irritating. Technically, it is on the outside of the waistband, but it loops around to connect to the inside. I tried wearing them without removing the tag my first couple of trips out in hopes that it would soften over time. It did not. After I cut it out, the problem was solved.

Also, legs of the briefs began to ride up on me after about two hours of activity. Once I removed, washed, and redonned the briefs, the legs regained their elasticity. For short, day trips, this wasn’t an issue, but when I wore the briefs on overnight trips, I was sorry I did.


WoolX advertises the Dailys as being good for all seasons and for all outdoor activities. I wore the Dailys in temperatures ranging from the single to the triple digits in the summer, fall and winter while hiking, biking, running, climbing, snowshoeing and snowboarding. They performed similarly each time. I stayed either cool or warm and dry regardless of what the weather was like outside my shorts. I preferred the Dailys for activities when my range of leg movement was less intensive (climbing and snowboarding), as this alleviated the issue I had with the legs riding up.

In summary, the WoolX X303 Daily Boxer Briefs are an enormously comfortable pair of undergarments to wear for short periods of time in all seasons and for all activities. They are reliably moisture wicking and odor repellant, and they are one of the softest garments I have ever worn. Remove the waistband tag before you wear them on the trail, and be prepared to pull the legs back down after a few hours of use.


Tech Specs


  • Date available: now
  • MSRP: US $34
  • Listed Weight: 5.6 oz (large)
  • Materials: 100% 7.5 micron Australian Merino wool
  • Size/Model tested: Large, Cobalt Blue
  • Colors Available: Black, Charcoal, Cobalt Blue

WoolX X303 Daily Boxer Briefs










Moisture control



  • Soft
  • Comfortable fit
  • Moisture wicking
  • Odorless
  • Inexpensive


  • Irritating tag
  • Loose around the thighs

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