As I fully develop as an outdoors person and wanderer, I often find myself contemplating my lifestyle outside. Why am I so drawn to the outdoors? What part of my soul feels nourished in the sun and wind?

I spend over 200 days outdoors a year and strive to share that with others. Often times I find myself frantic in the city and in my life dealing with logistics from one trip to the next. Yoga has been one place in my life that I take moments to truly connect to myself. I find that I can be anywhere, anytime, and any place and practice a moment of serenity and connection to my body. What is really unique, is that as I find more peace within myself, I also find the connection I have with the earth and my yearning to be outdoors. Being outdoors IS the connection we seek with ourselves. Finding stillness, meditation, peace, and clarity is our journey outdoors.

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This is why I have decided to infuse the process of Yoga with the connection of our earth.  A yoga and backpacking trip has an emphasis on using the natural world to point to a place of inner stillness. Yoga and Backpacking is completely different style and a different way of thinking about your connection with yourself and the earth.

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You will definitely learn new tricks about campsite selection, “Leave No Trace” in different camping environments, ecology, navigation, water treatment, cooking, gear selection and packing your pack. You might even enjoy an opportunity to let someone else deal with the logistics for once. We often get into patterns of knowledge without even recognizing that there are other ways of doing things.

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Yoga blended with backpacking helps create a space for reflection in the backcountry, using experiential education methodology.   From this point of view, we also seek and value the natural world as a commodity (ie. an aesthetic rock climbing line or a backpacking path).  Infusing yoga into the backpacking experience places less value on physical adventure and challenge but more efforts are pointed toward using nature for stillness and reflection. Compassion arises naturally from this place.

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We often get into patterns of knowledge without even recognizing that there are other ways of doing things. This is a chance to do them differently. Kaf Adventures is offering Yoga and Backpacking courses both in Washington and the Canyon Lands of Southern Utah. We have carefully crafted each experience to show you the magnificence of its specific, specially selected location. Come enjoy a fulfilling, soulful outdoor experience with us.  I would be honored to share a space of my heart with you.


– Mick

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